Mythologies of Intelligence

La Chambre Blanche, Quebec City, Canada
September 17 – October 26, 2019

“We welcome John Boyle-Singfield for a research residency in our documentation center from September 17 to October 26, 2019. During his research, he will focus on the critical analysis about the phenomenon of the construction of an entrepreneurial mythology of the notion of intelligence. The artist will present as readings and discussions the results of his research and his writings on October 24 at 5pm. A discussion period will be held after the presentation.

The residence will be divided into three main topics. For the first part, Boyle-Singfield wishes to address the fundamental ideological processes related to technology as a field of activity, but also to new media practices. It, is first of all, a question of determining a genealogy of knowledge, powers and concepts related to the technique. The purpose of this activity will ultimately be to define a historical and contemporary relationship of technology, through the conceptions that we make of this discipline. In the second place, the artist will continue his research on the concept of digital memory and the archive. He wants to think about the performativity of the memory and the multiple representations of it. Then, the third part will be dedicated to the digital and photographic image. He will attempt to analyze the function of an image composed of several consciences and pseudo-consciences and then estimate its political, artistic and social impact.

Thus, John Boyle-Singfield will attempt to discover points of tension, resemblance, strengths and weaknesses, but especially points of artistic resistance that will offer more liberated alternatives to the dominant technocracy.”