Toute impression subjectivement inappropriée de familiarité d’une expérience présente avec un passé indéfini

DARE-DARE, Montreal, Canada
July 10 – July 15, 2017

Public interventions choreographed by John Boyle-Singfield and interpreted by: Adriana Disman, Anastasia Ferguson, Steven Girard, Francisco Gonzalez Rosas, Manoushka Larouche, Fanny Latreille, Helena Martin Franco and Victoria Stanton. 

Ongoing from July 10 to 15, 2017, between 10 AM and 6 PM, near the Atwater Market, in the area formed by the crossing of the Atwater Avenue, the Lachine Canal and the Greene Avenue. Closing event on July 15 at 7 PM, at DARE-DARE.

“This project is the result of a long reflection on the relationship between repetition, performance and language. It is about organizing a performance in collaboration with a group of performers that will undertake many distinct actions in public space. Each of these actions will be repeated seven times a day in the same spot during the week.

Interventions are drawn from everyday events. That being said, it is only because of their repetitive nature that the public will notice theses gestures. They will sometimes trigger an impression of “déjà-vu”, generating a feeling of familiarity between the present moment and a fictional past. Through this elaborate and repetitive process, I seek to challenge the authenticity of communal experience while proposing a different approach in performance art.

I conceived this project to last a very long time within a specific space. In this regard, this intervention could be eventually be considered as a permanent work of art. If such a thing happens, we will see a new wave of performers re-enacting every year the same gestures of their predecessors.”