TRANSFER, New York, États-Unis
31 octobre 2015

« TRANSFER is pleased to present a screening of animated GIFs curated by Lorna Mills to mark the closing of her second solo exhibition with the gallery ‘AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD’

Mills invited 40+ artists to create animated GIF artworks using the platform blingee ( in response to her exhibition currently on view. The resulting collection ‘La petite mort du blingee’ will premiere at TRANSFER on Halloween night, October 31st with a party and screening inside Mills’ exhibition. »

Participating Artists:
A Bill Miller
Ad Minolti
Anthony Antonellis
Andrew Harwood
Alex McLeod 
Alfredo Salazar Caro
Angela Washko
Carine Santi Weil
Carla Gannis
Carolyn Tripp
Chantal Rousseau
Claudia Hart
Daniel Rourke
Daniel Temkin
Di-Andre Caprice Davis
Ellectra Radikal
Eva Papamargariti
Endam Nihan
Faith Holland
Georges Jacotey
Geraldine Juarez
Haydi Roket
Jennifer Chan
Kaja Cxzy Anderson
Kate Wilson
Kristin Lucas
Nicolas Sassoon
Nora O’Murchu
Lilly Handley
Luc Hyo Myoung Kim
Mark Dorf
Melanie Clemmons
Nicole Killian
Mattie Hillock
Matthew Keable
Myfanwy Ashmore
Rich Oglesby
RM Vaughan
Rafia Santana
Rea McNamara
Ronen Shai
Sandra Rechico
Sally McKay
Will Pappenheimer
Yoshi Sodeoka
Alix Desaubliaux 
Laturbo Avedon  
Oz Melo  
Angela Washko  
Giselle Zatonyl 
John Boyle-Singfield